Let me introduce myself, my name is Ronald Kivits.

After working for several years in Account Management Sales & Purchasing at companies such as Ahold and PostNL, I thought it was high time for something completely different.

Because my passion has always been training, coaching and guiding, I started my training to become a certified driving instructor in October 2017. In 2018 I started my own driving school under the name: ‘New Drivers’. From 2022 I also passed the exam to be a certified RIS instructor. RIS stands for ‘Driver Training in Steps’ and is a modular driver course developed in collaboration with the Dutch CBR.

Unique in the region is that you can take your driving training in a 100% electric Volkswagen E-Golf (automatic). A car completely of this time. Better for the environment and state-of-the-art. The Volkswagen E-Golf is fully equipped with useful assistance systems that support safe driving. Of course, learning to drive in a manual shift gear car is also possible. The manual shift gear car is also a Volkswagen Golf with all the state-of-the-art options. So, if you think about starting your driving lessons to get your Dutch drivers license, and you want to be instructed by a English speaking driving instructor?

Then click here and fill in your details. I will then contact you ASAP for an intake and free of charge test drive. You can also call me directly on +31(0) 6 51404284. If you find WhatsApp easier, you can of course do that too.

These New Drivers passed their exam already successful.

New Drivers – The right way to your Dutch Drivers License